The beauty of custom jewelry design is its ability to reflect your unique perspective in a wearable piece of art made specifically for you. And that is truly special.


It can be the most personal expression of your individuality. It tells your story. It can combine vintage and contemporary in a piece with sentimental value and fashion-forward style. At Schmitt Jewelers, we can create one-of-a-kind custom jewelry using gemstones and pieces that you already own, or craft original designs based on your imagination and our creativity.

Custom Jewelry

Custom Kiwi Garnet and Diamond Ring


Custom Weave band


Custom Pendant


Custom Ring - Family Crest


Custom Ring


Custom Pendant


Custom Man’s Wedding Band


Custom Diamond Bar Pendant


Custom Rose Gold and Diamond Band



From the first time you meet with us to discuss your jewelry ideas until the moment you hold your finished piece in your hand, we’re here to listen and guide your custom experience. The first step in the custom design process is Discovery; our initial consultation to share ideas, identify your style, and determine the kind of jewelry you’ll love wearing. Very often, we’ll sketch some of those ideas right along with you. Once you’re confident we understand your mindset, we will move on to the next phase.



The second part of the custom experience is when Schmitt Jewelers transforms your ideas using our CAD system; a state-of-the-art computer-aided design software that brings your piece to life on our computer, detailing its form, shape, gemstone position, and texture. You’ll have the opportunity to view several perspectives of your custom piece, and adjustments can easily be made at this stage of development.

The Model

Once your CAD rendering is approved, Schmitt Jewelers produces a resin or wax model of your jewelry via one of our 3D printers or mills. Your model features nearly the exact structural dimensions of your piece. If you’re satisfied (or hopefully, thrilled!) with your jewelry model, it’s on to the next phase…

Cast. Set. Finish!

Your custom piece is now ready to be cast in the precious metal of your choice. Once cast, one of our professional stone setters carefully assembles and sets each stone. Your jewelry is then inspected and prepared with your desired finish, be that high polish, brushed, satin or one of the variety of finishes available for your unique piece. Your jewelry is inspected once again upon finishing, to ensure that every detail will exceed your expectations.

The Delivery

The Delivery is why we come to work every day. Your smile and your satisfaction is the reason we do what we do. The custom design process may follow a similar path for every project, but it is never the same. Every piece has a story, a history, a future. And every single piece is worth the time, worth the effort and worth the attention to detail to make it absolutely perfect. The moment has come. This moment is yours.



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