Schmitt Jewelers History

The story of Schmitt Jewelers is a unique blend of family history, American ingenuity, and a commitment to the advancement of jewelry industry technology.

The founders of Schmitt Jewelers followed an opportunity in 1970 to locate to the burgeoning city of Phoenix, Arizona where economic growth, climate and hospitality promised success for a family jewelry business. As the Phoenix rises, so did Schmitt Jewelers. The business steadily grew from an unassuming mom and pop operation to an industry-leading, cutting-edge retail jeweler specializing in custom jewelry design and on-site manufacturing.

For nearly 50 years, Schmitt Jewelers has been serving the Phoenix area neighborhoods of North Central, Paradise Valley, Arcadia and beyond with its unique jewelry selections, superior customer service and fine craftsmanship of distinctive custom pieces.

The Schmitt brothers, who own and operate the business, credit much of Schmitt Jewelers’ success to the early decisions made by their parents, who founded the business on honest, ethical practices and providing stellar customer service. The Schmitt’s also credit the store’s longevity to their willingness to embrace the advancements of their industry’s technologies, allowing Schmitt Jewelers to become an industry leader in how it enhances a jewelry customer’s experience in and out of the store.